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Micro Inverters

Converts PV power to single phase power to directly feed the AC loads or can be grid tied with advanced synchronization techniques


  • Optimizing energy harvest from panel by executing real-time MPPT algorithm
  • Max. MPPT Efficiency 96%
  • Anti-Islanding/ Islanding modes
  • Add on to existing UPS system with a power selector switch
  • Fitted back to panel with an easy fitment & arrangement mechanism
  • Can parallel any number of panel micro-converter outputs
  • Grid synchronized when connected to the grid
  • Optional  Communication interface using RS-485

Applications - Micro-inverter Grid Tie Application

  • Single or multiple micro-inverters can be tied to the grid
  • The micro-inverter can directly supply to the AC load avoiding the use of battery
  • On grid power failure the micro inverter can be programmed to work in anti-islanding mode
  • The micro-inverter synchronizes to the grid frequency
  • Each inverter provides around 240 Wp power
  • Providing multiple micro-inverters can enhance power harvesting and also improve reliability of the system


Dimensions 225mmX230mmX50mm
Weight 1 Kg
Ingress Protection IP 65
Operating Temperature -10 to 70 degrees centigrade
Humidity 0-95% Non Condensing
Communication RS485, Modbus RTU protocol
DC Input
Input Current maximum 11 Amps
MPPT Voltage Range 20-40V DC
Maximum Voltage 55V DC
MPPT Efficiency 96.5%
AC Output
Output Power (Nominal) 250 W
AC output Current 1.1 A
AC Output Voltage 230V +-5%
Frequency Range 47 Hz -53 Hz
Power Factor >0.98
Reverse voltage to Panel Yes
Output Short Circuit Protection Yes
Anti Islanding Yes
Connector Interfaces
Output Connector MC-4 Type 2 Locking


EWT-500-MICROINV-300W-RS485 Micro-inverter

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