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Power Optimizer

A High efficiency Distributed MPPT boost converter improves panel efficiency by negating the changes in irradiation, temperature and cell parameters.


Disproportionate power loss in solar panels is caused due to variations in the irradiance, temperature, cell parameters etc in a panel string. Distributed MPPT –power optimizer modules at every panel will allow performing DC DC conversion & MPPT locally thereby improving efficiency of the solar installation.

The product also integrates optional Wifi Modules to make every module IP addressable.


  • Operating voltage Range 6.5 V to 45V
  • Maximum input current 9A
  • 250 Wp panels with Panel Level MPPT
  • Panel Level Monitoring
  • Control at module and string level
  • Over voltage, Over current and under voltage lockout protection
  • Wifi Module integration allows individual panel to be IP addressable
  • IP 65 box


Multiple power optimizers installed at the back of every panel does a real-time localized mppt and provides a 40V DC output to the DC bus which can be directly connected to a central inverter or to a combiner box.


Operating Temperature 0-55 ºC
Mounting Wall Mountable
Chassis Level IP 67
Humidity 0-95% (Non Condensing)
Enclosure Material UV Resistant
Input Specifications
Maximum PV Input Voltage 47V
PV Panel Voltage Range 5-47VDC
Maximum PV Input Power 250Wp
Maximum Input Current 10A
Input Connector MC4
Output Specifications
Maximum Output Current 6.25 A
Output Voltage 40 VDC
Efficiency 98%
Panel Reverse Connection Yes
Over Load /Short Circuit Protection Yes
Surge Protection Yes


EWT-012-PO-40VOP-250W-CNTRL Power Optimizer 250W , 40V output

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