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Solar Battery Chargers

A High efficiency MPPT based buck boost, monolithic Solar battery charger for Lead acid batteries optimizing charging time and life of the battery.


  • Optimizing energy harvest from panel by executing real-time MPPT algorithm
  • Maintains battery at highest possible state of charge
  • Protects from overcharge by Panels and over discharge by loads
  • Load Control automatic  by switching on the lighting load on sunset and switching off at sunrise
  • Output over voltage Protection and output voltage regulation
  • Input over current protection
  • Dual control loop to perform constant voltage and constant current regulation


 1.Solar Street Lighting System

  • Limited or unavailable gird power to power street lights
  • Dawn to Dusk Operation

 2.Solar charging add on to existing Home UPS

Make your existing home UPS Solar UPS by adding the charge controller


Operating Temperature 0-55 ºC
Mounting Wall Mountable
Chassis Level IP 21
Humidity 0-95% (Non Condensing)
Input Specifications
Maximum PV Input Voltage 22V
PV Panel Voltage Range 0 to 22V
Maximum PV Input Power 500Wp
Battery Charging Specifications
Type of Battery VRLA
Charging Methods Bulk, Absorption, Float
Rated Charging current 8 Amps
Rated Load current 30 Amps
Working voltage 12 V
Normal Charging Voltage 14.4V
Boost Charge Voltage 14.6V
Float Charge Voltage 13.6V
Charge Recover Voltage 13.2V
Over Discharge Recover voltage 12.5V
Low voltage Indication value 12V
Over voltage protection value 17V
Over discharge voltage 11.1V
Output Specifications
Rated Load Current 30A
Low Voltage Disconnect 11.5V
Low Voltage Reconnect 12V
Panel Reverse Connection Yes
Battery Reverse Connection Yes
Over Load /Short Circuit Protection Yes
Surge Protection Yes


EWT-020-PVCC-12VOP-500W-SELSW Solar 12V Buck Boost Battery Charger

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