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Active Directional Reader


Energywin Active Directional RFID reader is a type of direction reader, applying in wide alleyway, far distance, quick identification, meeting the special demand of identification, tracking and positioning among many tags simultaneously

  • Alleyway management: open door control management system, including about intelligent resident district, mansion parking-lot charge, and freeway ETC, safety-inspection from port or custom.
  • Personnel management: quick attendance administration, conference signature system, student safety note system, security patrol system.
  • Cargo management: storage and data collection, system, moving goods control and trace, container automatic identification.
  • Prevention management: personnel positioning, tracing and inquiry, goods anti-fake and test.
  • Public management: city traffic intelligent platform, vehicle control and operation, train automatic numbering.
  • Manufacture management: work flow management, control spare parts in the course of process.
  • Campus Attendance /Transportation management: road, railway management, and container transfer control tracking management.

Technical Specifications

Operation Frequency 2.4GHz-2.5M ISM Microwave band
Communication Mode dynamically encrypt mode
Wireless Transmission Rate 1MBps
Signal Modulation mode GFSK
Operation Mode Read tag only
Microwave Communication Error Detection CRC8cycled redundancy checkout
Receipting Sensitivity -90dbm
Identify Mode Directional identification, level 60℃,vertical 60℃
Indentify Range Longest 80m,distance adjustable
Indentify Speed in 80KM/h
Anti- confliction >100 cards at one time
Wrong probability one of ten million
Sound Indication Buzzer inside
Developing Interface offer all types of port functions
Data Interface Standard:RS232,RS485,Wiegand available
Other function can be added: WIFI or others
Power Adapter DC+9V
Operation Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Dimension 285*205*77mm

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
EWT-900-ARFID-2.4GHZ-DIR-READER-RS232-RS485-9V Directional Active RFID Reader with RS232,RS485 and Wiegand

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