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Eyekon - Passenger/Employee Safety Services

Visitor Management System:

    Our system is a Mobile based intelligent security application used for tracking everyone who enters your office. Security at the Gate/Gate keeper authenticates each visitor with Body Temperature, Photo, Name and Mobile number before providing access to the office. A visitor may be a Business vendor, delivery person, cab driver, friends or relatives. Essentially, anyone who is not your office employees is a visitor. Our system is used to enhance the safety of your office. It eliminates paper record books and manual tracking of visitors.

Employee Tracking Solution:

    Now a days, safety while commute has become a challenge for Women employees. It’s more evident that different Time zones, Urban expansion to remote locations and Active nightlife has become major cause for this challenge. In our solution, Women Employee is given Active RFID Tag with Panic button option. In emergency situation, employee can hold the Panic Button continuously for 5 Second. Then our device will immediately identify and trigger the information to SOS (Transport Command Center, Nearest Police Patrol Vehicle and Parents/dear ones). The alert will carry all basic information’s like Name of the Employee & Driver, Location of Event Occurred with Time and Date. Also our system will track the employees withing the office premises along with automated attendance.

Asset Tracking Solution:

    Keeping track of our assets has been a fundamental human activity since the beginning of time. Businesses need to know where their physical goods are at all times whether for inventory management or protecting them from loss. And while technology makes the job much easier, it can still be an enormous challenge to know where your property is at all times, especially when it is constantly moving around. For that reason, an Effective Asset and Inventory Management plan may include having an asset and inventory tracking system designed to let businesses know exactly where their valuables are at any given time. Our Active RFID based system will help you to monitor and track those fixed and movable assets real time.

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