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Eyekon - Passenger/Employee Safety Services

Energywin has designed systems that would be of immense use and application to the Company Cabs/Shuttle Services and for Taxi Operators as well. We provide the end to end solution which includes the hardware, the necessary software, SMS alerts, installation and maintenance of the equipment, the backend server and support. The company will be given the necessary access to view/get the reports/administrative access.

Features of Eyekon:

  • Eyekon is the combination of GPS + GSM + GPRS + Panic Button(to trigger alarm)
  • Once Panic Button is triggered, all data with GPS location will be sent to the Centralized Server.
  • All vehicle movements will be shown in live map with Panic Button Status
  • Tamper Alert: The device is fitted with an internal battery, so if anyone tries to tamper the panic button by removing the power supply or disconnecting the wire, it will send a tampered signal to the server immediately. Once the signal is received necessary action will be taken by Transport Management Team of esteem organization

Advantage for Corporate Company/Taxi Provider Transport Management Team:

  • Eyekon will give real-time view of cab/bus moving in the Map.
  • Eyekon will give real-time indication, if the panic button is tempered by the unauthorized person(Green LED will start blinking)
  • Eyekon will give real-time indication, if the panic button is trigger by the passenger in case of emergency while traveling(Red LED will start blinking)
  • Eyekon will sent the message and e-mail notification to the concern Transport Manager/Emergency contacts , if the panic button is trigger or tampered

Advantage for Passenger/Employee:

  • Panic Button will be placed near to the Passenger/Employee and it will be very easy to access
  • Passenger/Employee will be very happy and safe while traveling in cab/bus
  • Passenger/Employee will feel more comfortable if the cab/bus provided with this service Hardware Requirement
  • Integrated GPS + GSM + GPRS + Panic Button(to trigger alarm)equipment unit for a Cab/Bus/Taxi

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