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SkoolSmart have designed a systems that would be of immense use and application to the educational institutes. We provide the end to end solution which includes the hardware, the necessary software, SMS alerts, installation and maintenance of the equipment, the backend server and support. The school will be given the necessary access to view/get the reports/administrative access.

  • Safety Everyway You Look at it:

Student/Staff Attendance and Tracking on the Bus

When the institute opts for our technology, they are powered with easy access. The school Buses are powered with a sense to identify individuals who enter and exit the Bus from their specified destinations. There is no swiping involved. The student/staff just needs to wear the tag and enter/exit the bus as usual. That is why our solution is hassle free. The information is sent to parents/dear ones almost immediately. The purpose is to keep parents and teachers aware, stress free and though far feel at close range with their children/dear ones , all in perfect harmony for the Smarter School.

  • The Solution and the Facilities:

SMS Alerts to parents/dear ones:

During pick-up

SMS Alert 1 - Bus Approaching alert. An SMS alert is sent to the parents/designated mobile number before the bus reaches the pickup point. The SMS timing can be customized. This would alert them to get ready to leave their homes to the Bus Stop.

SMS Alert 2 - On Board alert. An SMS alert is sent to the parent ’s /designated mobile number when the student/staff is on board the bus.

SMS Alert 3 - Reached school alert. An SMS is sent to the parent’s/designated mobile number when the student/staff reaches school.

During drop

SMS Alert 1 - Left school alert. An SMS is sent to the parent’s/designated mobile number when the student /staff leaves from school.

SMS Alert 2 - Bus Approaching alert. An SMS alert is sent to the parent’s mobile /designated before the bus reaches the dropping point. The SMS timing can be customized.

SMS Alert 3 - Alight alert. An SMS alert is sent to the parent’s mobile /designated mobile number after the student alights the bus.

Web Interface facility:

  • Attendance report of students/teachers travelling in the bus.
  • The admin/transport manager can have a live view of all the bus movements via the web link.
  • The parents /dear ones can have a live view of the particular bus in which their ward is travelling.
  • The other information available are:
  • Speed of the bus
  • Distance travelled.
  • Number of Hours the Bus covers in a day from start to finish.

Any other specific requirement from the school can be customized as far as the reports are concerned.

Advantages of solution:

To the  students/Staff:

Prior intimation to students/staff that bus is approaching pickup point. This ensures that students/staff are on-time at the pickup point.Also the parents /dear ones can prepare themselves to receive their Children/dear ones while on return.

To bus driver/conductor:

  • The bus driver/conductor adopt a common trend of dialing a missed call to the students/staff before the bus reaches the pickup point. The Skoolsmart approaching SMS takes care of this issue and helps the driver concentrate on driving rather than diverting his attention by dialing missed call to students/staff.
  • As the students/staff are on time at the bus stop, the driver can maintain the time schedule for the next pickup points and reaching school. This eliminates the general concern of over-speeding to make up for lost time.
  • The driver/conductor are relieved of the stress of communication which they undergo currently but are unable to express as they have unwillingly accepted the communication as part of their duty.

To parents/dear-ones:

  • SMS alerts to parents/dear-ones informing them that student has;
  • Boarded the bus at pickup with timings
  • Reached school with timings
  • Left from school with timings
  • Alighted bus at drop with timings

To School administration:

  • Live view of all buses on google map.
  • Over-speeding alerts.
  • Total distance and total time travelled by each bus.
  • Air Conditioner ON/OFF Status with time, total run-time of Air Conditioner in Bus
  • School Bus fuel consumption report

We can customize other reports as per the inputs given by the administration which will help them in improving their efficiency of the Fleet Management.

One Point Contact for School-SkoolSmart Manager: We provide one designated resource SkoolSmart Manager from our end to the school to be one point contact for smooth working of the solution. He will be the interface for any communication with the school and will on a day to day be responsible for route changes/student additions/deletions etc., which would be an ongoing affair for the school.

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